Working with Us 

Project Requests

It is our pleasure to work with your department to achieve your communications and marketing goals. All new projects require a project request submitted via the service request system, by email, or through a meeting (or phone call) with the Marketing Director. Requests will be assigned to a Communications & Marketing Liaison in the Marketing Department. Acknowledgement of the request should occur within 48 (weekday) hours. However, project follow-up is the responsibility of the requester, or Client.

Depending on the project, a consensus of understanding or creative brief will be developed from the request and any follow-up communications necessary to the proposal, to include such elements as:

  1. Project background and goals.
  2. Project scope and marketing objectives.
  3. Specific project deliverables.
  4. Project budget, budget code (if available)
  5. Project deadlines.
  6. Expected project outcomes.
  7. How success will be measured.
  8. Vendor contact information if request is for production by an outside vendor (print projects, publication/news release, promotional items, advertisement, etc.)

General Criteria

All projects must be formally submitted via the project request system, by email or a meeting with the marketing director.

Client is responsible for providing content. Your liaison and our professional creative team will revise as necessary to fit editorial standards, and to give the work a marketing flair. Client will have the opportunity for final approval.

Proofing/editing:  Client is responsible for proofing. Client confirmation is required before project is sent to production.

Project timeline expectations (NOTE: these are average timelines for higher ed industry marketing projects. Our department will make every effort to get your project done more quickly, if possible):

Creative Development:

Banners — two weeks to two months
Basic Graphic Design Elements — minimum of one week
Brochures/programs — minimum of one month
Email announcements / e-newsletter submissions — must be submitted by noon Friday for following week
News releases — one week
Print Ads — two weeks
Radio Ads — minimum of one month
Social Media posts (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) — up to one week
Social Media account - one week to one month
TV Ads — minimum of three months
Viewbooks — minimum of three months
Web Content Updates — one to two weeks
Web Design and Development — determined by project scope, minimum one month

Printing and Production Deadlines:

In-house — two weeks (depending on marketing piece)
Outside printer — minimum of two weeks, exact time depends on printer
Promotional items — minimum of one month, exact time depends on vendor
Videography — one to three months

              Project Delays:

             Some delays, unfortunately, are beyond our control.

If project delay is due to Client, then a new project timeline will be established taking into account other pressing departmental deadlines. Please remember, it is your responsibility to follow-up on projects and to reply in a timely manner to requests for comment. 

If project delay is due to the Marketing Department, including interruptions for an unplanned event or other college priority, the Marketing Liaison will work with the Client to set a new deadline, which will become the department's highest priority.

Department Liaisons


This person will be your primary liaison with the Marketing and Communications Department for various assignments, though you should always feel free to reach out to the Marketing Director. In fact, the Marketing Director may be your liaison.

Specific responsibilities for Marketing Liaisons include:

Planning meeting with department on an annual basis.
Preparation of creative briefs for projects. (Liaison may or may not be do the work on the project. Vendors or freelancers may be used for certain projects.)
General communications with Client on active projects — deadlines, decisions, pricing, production, etc.
Ongoing follow-up to update Marketing Director on status of projects, determine needs, etc.


Your feedback is important to us. Please let us know how we can better assist you.  Email