Quick Facts

Priority Dates

  • Priority Deadline Date for Fall 2023 is April 5, 2023.  All financial aid begins a new year of eligibility on August 1.  Students applying for the 2023-2024 school year will use 2021 tax information on the FAFSA.

Please take note:

  • Books may be charged at the bookstore beginning the first day of class for all types of aid that cover bookstore expenses.  We will publish a day each semester that Pell Grant and Student Loans may be used to charge aid.
  • Students may check their financial aid at any time by logging on to myWallaceState
  • Students who register for classes that do not begin the first day of the regular semester, and those classes change their enrollment status, may not be eligible to receive refund balances until the class has met and attendance has been verified.
  • Students who withdraw from all classes are not eligible to receive a balance refund check

Pell Grant

  • Students are paid according to amount of money the federal government determined for their eligibility coupled with the number of credit hours they are taking within their program of study/major.
  • Pell Grant will not pay for courses not required by the program of study/major..
  • Pell Grant will pay for repeated courses.
  • Students who withdraw from all classes are not eligible to receive a balance refund check until the Return of Title IV calculation has taken place.  The student may be eligible for a post withdrawal disbursement after that calculation has taken place. This process is in the best interest of the student to assure they will only pay back a minimal amount of funds.
  • Pell Grant refunds are disbursed 14 days after classes begin (date published in semester schedule.)
  • Pell Grant funds must be used before Stafford Loan funds.

Direct Loan Information

  • Student must be enrolled a minimum of half time (6 credit hours) status to receive a loan. Students who are not currently attending (within the past week) prior to loan refunds, are not eligible for a Direct Loan refund check.
  • Students receiving loans for only one semester during an academic year have to have two disbursements. The first is 30 days from the first day of class and the second disbursement is after the term’s midpoint
  • Direct Loans will pay for a repeated course.
  • Direct Loans will not pay for courses that are not within the student's program of study/major.
  • The first loan disbursement is 14 days after classes begin unless you are a first time Direct Loan borrower(date published in semester schedule.)
  • Direct Loan funds pay only after Pell Grant funds have been exhausted.

SEOG/ASAP Information

  • Students that qualify on SEOG/ASAP grants will be awarded the same amount of money for dependent and independent students.

WIOA/TAA and Vocational Rehabilitation

  • Students are required to submit their schedule and grades to their counselor at these state agencies. Students can obtain that information themselves at any time at www.wallacestate.edu.
  • Students have a set amount of funding depending on their program of study. If students have questions, they should visit the financial aid office.


View scholarship information. Outside scholarship information can be obtained at www.fastweb.com.


  • Students who have not attended class are not eligible to receive a Pell Grant refund. Instructors complete attendance verification electronically at designated times during the semester. Students who are not currently attending (within the past week prior) half time are not eligible to receive a loan refunds.
  • Students who withdraw from a class that they never attended must have their financial aid reevaluated to determine the actual amount of aid they are eligible to receive.

Financial Aid Office
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