International Internships

Wallace State Community College is  a member of the Institute of International Education (IIE), a U.S. State Department affiliate, which administers programs and scholarships for students to engage in international opportunities and connects students and professionals to other organizations committed to international learning opportunities.

Students interested in International Internships are encouraged to investigate opportunities offered through one of the Institute for International Education's partner organizations, including these:



Intern Group

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Discover more IIE-partner organizations offering internships and other international learning opportunities here

Please be sure to check with Wallace State's Career Services Center and well as your Advisor and the Financial Aid Office to discuss the impact of participation on your course of study, future financial aid eligibility, and building your resume for a future career. In most instances, internships are unpaid and federal financial aid is not available to cover program costs.

For more information about international opportunities available to students, contact Kristen Holmes at 256.352.8118 or