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First Name Last Name Title Department Phone Email
Travis Kress Farm Manager Agribusiness 256-352-8115
Amy Moore Salon and Spa Management Instructor Academy of Cosmetic Arts 256-352-8216
Kristen Holmes Interim Vice President for Students/Chief Marketing Officer Student Services/Communications & Marketing 256-352-8233/8118
Nathan Calvert Police Officer Police Department 256-352-8080
Terry Ayers Department Chair Computer Science 256-352-8104
Mary Thornton Computer Lab Assistant Campus Technology 256-352-8018
Mary Helen Ingram Chief Financial Officer Business Office 256-352-7820
Haley Nix English Instructor English 256-352-8054
Brenda McHan Secretary Natural Sciences 256-352-8421
Daniel Young Science Tutoring Coordinator Student Resource Center 256-352-8084
Jesse Cobb Digital Media/Web Specialist Communications & Marketing 256-352-8361
Patti Wilkins Director Adult Education 256-352-7429
Paul Bailey Athletic Director/Department Chair, Sports Medicine/Physical Education Athletics/Physical Education 256-352-8359
Jackie Arnold Program Specialist, Financial Aid Financial Aid 256-352-8255
Jennifer McRea Success Advisor Center for Student Success 256-352-8477
Bethany Campbell Fame Coordinator/Success Coach Career and Workforce Development 256-352-8372
Susan O'Rear Sociology Instructor Social and Behavioral Sciences 256-352-8338
Suzanne Harbin Vice President for Advancement and Innovation Advancement 256-352-8144
Tim Sexton Skilled Maintenance Physical Plant 256-352-8301
James McKenzie Michatronics Instructor Industrial Electronics 205-762-0637
Jenna Berry Secretary, English English 256-352-8219
Adam Frazar Automotive Services Instructor Automotive Service Technology 256-352-8151
Jeremy Smith Program Chair, Diesel Mechanics Diesel Mechanics 256-352-8063
Jaime Kilpatrick MLT Education Coordinator Medical Laboratory Technician 256-352-8330
Edward Castleberry Skilled Maintenance - Electrician Physical Plant 256-352-8301
Kyle Putman Chief Flight Instructor Aviation 256-737-3040
Andrew Ball Philosophy Instructor English/Humanities 256-352-8250
Connie Roquemore Inventory Clerk Physical Plant 256-352-8107
JJ Adams Women's Golf Coach Athletics
Lori Blubaugh Health Information Technology Instructor Health Information Technology 256-352-8337
Jamie Rogers Adult Education Instructor Adult Education 256-352-8008
Christopher Quick Machine Tool Technology Instructor Machine Tool Technology 256-352-8217
Evelyn Timmons Educational Talent Search Counselor Educational Talent Search 256-352-8163
Peggy (Lambert) Bates Custodian Physical Plant 253-352-8301
Stacey Sivley Director of Dual Enrollment, Fast Track and Off Campus Programs Dual Enrollment/Fast Track 256-352-8241
Melissa Arnold Math Instructor Math 256-352-8138
Brooke Desnoës Dance Instructor Fine & Performing Arts 256-352-8153
Sabrina Flanigan Chairperson, Salon and Spa Management Salon and Spa Management 256-352-8197
Stephanie Eisner Dental Hygiene/Assisting Instructor Dental 256-352-8019
Tabatha Tatum Respiratory Therapy Instructor, Directory of Clinical Education Respiratory Therapy 256-352-8310
Jackie Donaldson Biology Instructor Natural Sciences 256-352-8223
Keisha Miller Loan Specialist Financial Aid 256-352-8092
Krystal Davis Math Instructor Math 256-352-8164
LaDonna Allen Alumni Association Coordinator/WaLLi Director Advancement 256-352-8071
Lisa Booher Store Manager, Barnes and Noble Bookstore Bookstore 256-352-8100
Terry Edwards Skilled Maintenance Physical Plant 256-352-8301
Heather Ashley Nursing Instructor Nursing 256-352-7834
Timothy Entrekin Custodian Physical Plant 256-352-8301
Mark Bolin Director of Auxiliary Services Auxiliary Services 256-352-8102
Wayne Manord Director of Extended Day Extended Day 256-352-8116
Tia Rutledge Adult Education Instructor Adult Education 256-352-8077
Lisa German Vice President for Learning/Dean of Health Sciences Health Sciences 256-352-8306
Nicholas Nall General Maintenance Worker Physical Plant 256-352-8301
Shannon Quick Biology Instructor Natural Sciences 256-352-8162
Rachel (Graveman) Roper Secretary Physical Plant 256-352-8301
Hannah Hays Curriculum Coordinator, Secretary Applied Technologies 256-352-7439
Stan Narewski Head Cross Country Coach Athletics 256-352-7880
Susan Copeland Instructor, Nursing Nursing 256-352-7869
Whit Rice Director, Center for Student Success Center for Student Success 256-352-8406
Savana Weissend Career Navigator Center for Career and Workforce Development 256-352-7424
Karen Johnson Secretary, Campus Police Campus Police 256-352-8051
Teresa Glasscock Adult Education Instructor Adult Education 256-352-8435
FNAME LNAME Job Title DEPT phone Email Address
Cherie Smith Donor Relations Coordinator Advancement 256-352-8046
Nina Gouchtchina Custodian Physical Plant 256-352-8301
Tiffany Richter Music Instructor Fine and Performing Arts 256-352-8034
Kyle Price Police Officer Campus Police 256-352-8080
Paula Graham Educational Talent Search Counselor Educational Talent Search 256-352-7444
Eldridge Hinson Skilled Maintenance Physical Plant 256-352-8301
Corey Weeks Secretary, Dental Health Sciences 256-352-8300
Rebecca Reeves Department Chair Social and Behavioral Sciences 256-352-8262
Renee Quick Math Instructor Math 256-352-8240
Jill Strickland Success Advisor Center for Student Success 256-352-8316
Jacob Keisler Music Instructor Fine and Performing Arts 256-352-8176
John Barnett Adult Education Instructor, English as a Second Language Adult Education 205-762-0634
Rita Nicholas Paralegal Instructor Business Education 256-352-7877
Jorden Flack Sonography Instructor/Clinical Coordinator Sonography 256-352-8387
Mindie Sandlin Secretary, Health Sciences Health Sciences 256-352-8334
Connie Briehn Biology Instructor Natural Sciences 256-352-8108
Robbin Leeth General Maintenance Worker Physical Plant 256-352-8110 N/A
Wesley Sams Auxiliary Services Assistant Auxiliary Services 256-352-8366
Bobby Britton Skilled Maintenance - Plumber Physical Plant 256-352-8301
Christine Wiggins Director of Title III Student Services 256-352-8462
Carrie Woods Secretary, Communications and Marketing Communications and Marketing 256-352-7434
Vickie Barnes Director of Accounting and Finance Business Office 256-352-7436
Tanner Dickerson Maintenance Technician-HVAC Physical Plant 256-352-8301
David Slinin Flight Technology Instructor Flight Technology 256-737-3040
Jennifer Lambert Secretary Adult Education 256-352-8078
Devan Ponder Success Advisor Center for Student Success 256-352-8413
Valentina Golovkina Custodian Physical Plant 256-352-8301
Thea Hall Chairperson, Criminal Justice Criminal Justice 256-352-8279
Katie Roper Nursing Instructor Nursing 256-352-8194
Gena Rice Human Resources Specialist Human Resources 256-352-8137
Kathy Buckelew English Instructor, Department Chair English & Humanities 256-352-8192
Jonathan Minyard Chairperson, Machine Tool Technology, CNC Machine Tool Technology 256-352-8235
Lisa Smith Director of Student Resource Center Student Resource Center 256-352-8052
William Hasenbien English Tutoring Coordinator Student Resource Center 256-352-7830
Matt Ingram Systems/Network Administrator/Senior Team Lead Campus Technology 256-352-8290
Beth Bownes-Johnson Dean of Academic Affairs Academic Affairs 256-352-8190
Arleen Dominguez Academic/Career Advisor Student Support Services 256-352-8074
Jennifer Dunkle Administrative Assistant to VP of Learning/Dean of Health Sciences Health Sciences 256-352-8302
Bobbi Crane Agribusiness Technician Agribusiness 256-352-8035
Misty Kennedy Computer/Network Technician Campus Technology 256-352-7809 misty.kenney@wallacestate.ed
Jimmy Payne Skilled Maintenance, Locksmith Physical Plant 256-352-8388 jimmy.payne@wallacestate,edu
Babs Herfurth Instructor PTA 256-352-8425
Wesley Rakestraw Dean of Applied Technologies Applied Technologies / Oneonta 256-352-8229
Kathy Taylor Student Support Services Secretary Student Support Services 256-352-8073
Alina Adams Program Director, Physical Therapy Assistant PTA 256-352-8332
Ricky Burks Department Chair, Fine and Performing Arts Fine and Performing Arts 256-352-8287
Adrian Scott Program Chair, Art/Visual Communications Art/Visual Communications 256-352-8145
Mark Williams Maintenance Technician Physical Plant 256-352-8301
Brooke Quick Administrative Assistant Vice President for Students 256-352-8340
Rene' (Cornelius) Britton Horticulturist Agribusiness 256-352-8472
Karen Downs Enrollment Clerk Financial Aid 256-352-7886
Jeremy Wilt Computer Science Instructor Computer Science 256-352-8148
Amy Bogle Secretary Health Sciences 256-352-7848
Sydney Pair Certification Instructor Center for Career & Workforce Development 256-352-7874
Susan Brewer Dental Instructor Dental 256-352-8328
Benito Matanane CDL Instructor/Examiner CCWD 256-352-8114
Jerry Murcks, Jr. Department Chair, Electronics Technology Electronics Technology 256-352-8154
Kathryn Wilkins Food Services Auxiliary 256-352-7878
Jamie Roberts Administrative Assistant Applied Technologies 256-352-8394
Sally Warren English Instructor/GPD Director English 256-352-8006
Sharon Alley Program Director, Dental Dental 256-352-8025
Dax Scarbrough IT Systems & Security Specialist Campus Technology 256-352-8467
Tammye Whited Dental Instructor Dental 256-352-8351
Cadi Oliver Recruiter/Assistant Softball Coach Recruiting/Athletics 256-352-7844/256-352-8355
Billy Rose Director of Physical Plant Physical Plant 256-352-8110
Elizabeth Hunt Success Advisor Center for Student Success 256-352-8283
Justin Thurman IT Technician Campus Technology 256-352-8186
Pam Murff Switchboard Operator Campus Police 256-352-8001
Lisa Hullett Head Librarian Library 256-352-8267
Janet Pilcher Housekeeping/Concessions Assistant Auxiliary Services 256-352-8156
Kristi Barnett Grant Specialist Advancement 256-352-8231
Donna Attaway DMS Clinical Coordinator Diagnostic Medical Sonography 256-352-8343
Doran Smith English Instructor English 256-352-8193
Laura Smith Program Director, Occupational Therapy Assistant Occupational Therapy Assistant 256-352-8333
George Fairbanks Maintenance Physical Plant 256-352-8301
Stacey Brunner Psychology Instructor Psychology 256-352-8348
Ashley Lancaster Program Director, Respiratory Therapy Respiratory Therapy 256-352-8305
Lauren Wilson Director of Oneonta Instructional Site Oneonta Center 205-762-0627
Diane Wilhite Nursing Instructor Nursing 256-352-8200
Kathy Sides Department Chair, Business Education/Office Administration Business Education 256-352-8126
Jenifer Hays Secretary Social and Behavioral Sciences 256-352-7847
Christina Holmes Apprecticeship & Work-Based Learning Corrdinator Center for Career and Workforce Development 256-352-8120
Shiela Mosley Secretary, Educational Talent Search Educational Talent Search 256-352-8230
Megan Smith Secretary, Flight Technology Flight Technology 256-737-3040
Becky Graves Director of Financial Aid Financial Aid 256-352-8159
Seth Terrell English Instructor English 205-762-0630
Gail Crutchfield Creative & Content Services Coordinator Communications and Marketing 256-352-8064
Susan Beck Psychology Instructor Social and Behavioral Sciences 256-352-8339
Jimmy Posey Police Officer Police Department 256-352-8080
Gregory Knight Computer Science Instructor Computer Science 256-352-8158
Deborah "Pepper" Hoover Program Director, Nursing Nursing 256-352-8204
Pat Horton Shipping and Receiving Clerk Auxiliary Services 256-352-8251
Christine O'Leary Physics Instructor Natural Sciences 256-352-8112
Berkleigh Nowak Library Assistant Library 256-352-8259
Cory Cooperwood Residential Life Auxiliary Services 256-352-8451
Chris Posey Welding Instructor Welding 205-762-0632
James Tidwell, Jr. Admissions Clerk Admissions 256-352-8284
April Sutherland Program Director, DMS Diagnostic Medical Sonography 256-352-8318
Raymond Pierce Computer Science Instructor Computer Science 256-352-8184
Justin Burnett Machine Tool Technology and Computer Numerical Control Instructor Machine Tool Technology 256-352-8062
Anna (Parrish) Beard Diesel by Distance Project Coordinator Career and Workforce Development 256-352-8356
Allen Sharpe Men's Head Basketball Coach Athletics 256-352-8365 allen.sharpe@wallacestate,edu
Dakota Nichols Success Advisor Center for Student Success 256-352-8047
Meredith (Brock) Hiatt Nursing Instructor Nursing 256-352-7855
Gregory Lawrence EMS Instructor Health Sciences 256-352-8335
Adam Thomas Business Incubator Manager/Assistant Baseball Coach Athletics 256-352-7467
Kim Kahler Accounts Receivable Supervisor Business Office 256-352-8456
Mattie Hudson Director of Research, Planning and Assessment 256-352-8170
Elizabeth Liddle Enrollment Clerk Admissions 256-352-8142
Beth Williams Department Chair Natural Sciences 256-352-8242
Rachel Gooch OTA Instructor OTA 256-352-8303
Linda Lipsey Adult Education Instructor Adult Education 256-352-8078/256-734-5580
Sylas Elliott Men's Golf Coach Athletics
Julie Grimes Success Advisor Center for Student Success 256-352-7840
Michael Salerno English Instructor English 256-352-8004
Neal Whitlock Police Officer Campus Police 256-352-7884
Taylor Rodriguez Human Resources Clerk Human Resources 256-352-7442
Amanda Hood Nursing Instructor Nursing 256-352-8069
Mark Neal Music Lab Technician Fine and Performing Arts 256-352-8245
Karen Blackwood Campus Counselor Student Services 256-352-7423
Tanya Shearer Genealogy Assistant Library/Genealogy 256-352-7857
Brett Messersmith Administrative Assistant Advancement and Innovation 256-352-7808
Renee Marty Librarian Library 256-352-8420
Todd Hardman Chairperson, Engineering Technology Engineering Technology 256-352-8146
Ashlyn Armstrong Recruiter Recruitment 256-352-8209
Tracie Fuqua Program Director, Medical Assisting Medical Assisting 256-352-8321
Susan Wadkins Secretary, Oneonta Center Oneonta Instructional Site 205-762-0628
Amy Burtram Nursing Instructor Nursing 256-352-8062
Randy Putman Baseball Coach/Physical Education Instructor Athletics 256-352-8247
Andrew Beasley Agribusiness Technician Agribusiness/Horticulture 256-352-8360
John Smith Painter Physical Plant 256-352-8301
Angela Doss Math Instructor Math 256-352-8463
Susan Stephens Admissions Clerk Admissions 205-762-0624
Tyler Roden Cheif of Police Campus Police 256-352-8440
Mark Gamble Auxiliary Services Employee Auxiliary Services 256-352-8384
Deidre Rooker Secretary Health Sciences 256-352-8307
Kelli Rich Diagnostic Imaging Instructor Diagnostic Imaging 256-352-8315
Harriet Mayo Executive Assistant to the President President's Office 256-352-8099
Melissa Landers Biology Instructor Natural Sciences 256-352-8189
Blake Ray Engineering Technology Instructor Engineering Technology 256-352-8165
Terrell Stokes Flight Technology Instructor Flight Technology 256-737-3040
Amanda (Watson) Tillman Accounting Instructor Business Education 256-352-8174
Kelly Walker Nursing Instructor Nursing 256-352-8201
Kimberly Twitty Success Advisor Center for Student Success 256-352-8041
Jason Bynum Instructor, Agribusiness/Horticulture Agribusiness 256-352-8035
Chris Cleghorn Program Director, Medical Lab Technician Health Sciences 256-352-8347
Amber Robinson Success Advisor Center for Student Success 256-352-8044
Iman Humaideh Archives Technician Library/Genealogy 256-352-8263
Kelly Smith Instructor Physical Education 256-352-8369
Tina Jones Events Coordinator Auxiliary 256-352-8395
Christy Hicks Director of Campus Ministries Campus Ministries 256-352-8280
David Calhoun Computer Help Desk Technician Campus Technology 256-352-7876
Jessica McBrayer Head Women's Basketball Coach Athletics 256-352-8481
Brittany Couey Accounts Receivable Specialist Business Office 256-352-7854
Stephanie Mullins Restricted Funds Accountant Business Office 256-352-8171
Sheena Maxcy Operations Accountant Business Office 256-352-7873
Brandon Smith Department Chair, Math Math 256-352-8207
Randy Hammond Chairperson, Welding Technology Welding 256-352-8272
Jarrod "Todd" Abbott Director, Educational Talent Search Talent Search 256-352-8258
Jessica Chairez Talent Search Counselor Educational Talent Search 256-352-7445
Alicia Standridge Nursing Instructor Nursing 256-352-8203
Alyce Flanigan Director of Human Resources Human Resources 256-352-8295
Daniel Swindall Diesel Mechanics Instructor Diesel Mechanics 256-352-8093
Lisa Tarvin Porgram Director, Polysomnography Polysomnography 256-352-8410
Zachary Sadler Computer Help Desk Technician Campus Technology 256-352-7427
Lorie Strane Medical Assisting Instructor Medical Assisting 256-352-8322
Belinda Calvert Enrollment Clerk Admissions 256-352-7849
Aaron Nichols Program Chair, Culinary Arts Culinary Arts 256-352-7852
Ramon Daniel Art Instructor Graphic Arts 256-352-8016
James Malone Program Director, Diagnostic Imaging/Assistant Dean of Health Science Diagnostic Imaging/Health Science 256-352-8309
Haley Whittemore Annual Giving and Stewardship Specialist Advancement 256-352-7842
Tiffanie Doyle Simulation and Skills Lab Coordinator Nursing 356-352-7868
Jacob Richter Construction Management Instructor Construction Management 256-352-8246
Tammy Roper Cashier Business Office 256-352-8141
Marcie Robinson Program Director, Child Development Health Sciences 256-352-8383
Kelly Krigbaum OTA Instructor Occupational Therapy Assistant 256-352-8341
Aubrey "Dean" Autry Electronics Technology Instructor Electronics 256-352-7426
Lacie Widner Payroll and Accounts Payable Accountant Business Office 256-352-8249
Russell Moore Creative and Content Services Coordinator Communications and Marketing 256-352-8443
Brandi Parker Criminal Justice Instructor Criminal Justice 256-352-7882
Mechelle Baker Secretary, Nursing Nursing 256-352-8199
Candice Fomby Enrollment Clerk Financial Aid 256.352.8431
La Tisha Jackson Chemistry Instructor Chemistry 256-352-8212
Jennifer Stanley Math Instructor Mathematics 256-352-8434
Logan Edmonds Recruiter Recruiting 256-352-8031
Guadalupe Rameriz Enrollment Clerk Admissions 256-352-8007
Theresa Mahler Administrative Assistant President's Office 256-352-8124
Halli Melton Dental Instructor Dental 56-352-8026
Jeremy Laney Police Officer Campus Police 256-352-8080
Sean Ryan Career Navigator Center for Career and Workforce Development 256-352-7874
Sarah Yarbrough Food Services Auxiliary 256-352-7878
Shea Mobley Nursing Instructor Nursing 256-352-8068
Karen Morris English Instructor English 256-352-8191
Jennifer Twitty Admissions and Records Coordinator/Registrar Admissions and Records 256-352-8479
Kateland Sibert Math Instructor Math 205-726-0626
Ashley Baker Workforce Enrollment and Outreach Specialist Center for Career and Workforce Development 256-352-8386
Rachel Kreps Secretary, Math/Computer Science Math/Computer Science 256-352-7853
Jason Anderson Robotic Welding Instructor Welding Technology 256-352-7846
Steve Smith Machine Tool Technology Instructor Machine Tool Technology 256-352-8217
Aletta Williams Psychology Instructor Social and Behavioral Sciences 256-352-8389
Randy Daniel Volleyball Coach/Geology Instructor Athletics/Natural Science 256-352-8351
Casey Hackney EMS Clinincal Coordinator, Instructor EMS 256-352-8336
Gayle Ledbetter-Crocker Speech Instructor English 256-352-8028
Tim Grace Collision Repair Instructor Collision Repair 256-352-8152
Brian Allen Database Analyst IT 256-352-8057
Jamie Blackmon Director, Center for Career and Workforce Development Career and Workforce Development 256-352-8461
Mary Crosby Food Services Auxiliary 256-352-7878
Alana Bridges Admin Assistant Business Office 256-352-8253
Melanie Glasscock Biology Instructor Natural Sciences 256-352-8211
Vicki Karolewics President President's Office 256-352-8130
Shane Drake Police Officer Campus Police 256-352-7883
Kourtney Harris Administrative Assistant to the Dean of Academic Affairs Academic Affairs 256-352-8220
Paige Hart Secretary, Auxiliary Services Auxiliary 256-352-8156
Laura Brock Nursing Instructor Nursing 256-352-7870
Jordan Brakefield Accounts Payable Clerk Business Office 256-352-7845
Rachel White Director of Student Support Services Student Support Services/TRIO 256-352-8274
Susan Peek Success Advisor/Prior Learning Specialist Center for Student Success 256-352-7839
Patti Wilkins Director of Adult Education Adult Education 256-352-7429
Jim Milligan International Admissions Clerk Admissions 256-352-8256
Tim Garner Tennis Coach Athletics 256-352-7836
Ashley Ball Nursing Instructor Nursing 256-352-7804
Ryan Iversen HVAC Instructor HVAC 256-352-8140
Angela Green Theatre Instructor Fine and Performing Arts 256-352-8422